Be A Smart Solutions Ally!

Join our movement to end homelessness in Santa Cruz County.

We’ve been working steadily to support implementation of programs and policies that really work and to create a new countywide strategic plan to reduce and end homelessness. Our work is bearing fruit and now we need you to get even more involved.

As an Ally, you’ll help advocate and implement smart programs and policies. You’ll also receive a monthly email bulletin on our progress and upcoming opportunities to get involved. It doesn’t cost a dime to become an ally and it takes about 30 seconds.

When you support Smart Solutions you are supporting solutions that:

  • Are evidence-based.
  • Produce measurable results
  • Are cost effective
  • Benefit the entire community
  • Take a step toward ending homelessness


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Ways to Get Involved and Support Smart Solutions to Homelessness:

  • Become a vocal advocate for smart solutions in your community and among your friends and associates.
  • Become a community educator on the issue of homelessness. Engage your friends with good information on the realities of homelessness and what works to address it when the topic of homelessness comes up.
  • Make a tax-deductible donation to Smart Solutions, via United Way of Santa Cruz County.