December 1, 2012 Summit


Summit Keynote speech – featuring Jerry Neuman, from Home for Good, Los Angeles. It’s about 40 minutes long…

Thursday, December 13 Update: A follow-up email (excerpted below) was sent today to Summit participants providing an update and next steps. And, a bit further down this page we’ve posted the Summit presentation in an easy-to-view format. We’re still working on producing a video snippet of Jerry Neuman’s (from Home For Good, Los Angeles) keynote speech, and we’ll send out an update when this is posted. Email excerpt: “While the Summit was a great one-day event it’s just the start of a new phase of community conversation, engagement and action. The reason for this note is to follow through on our promise, to let you know that we are busy reviewing your feedback, ideas, table session material and personal commitment forms. We will be getting back to you shortly with summaries of the feedback, concerns and suggestions we received, and the next steps we are proposing.

  • For those interested in joining the leadership group, we plan to arrange a meeting with all of you after the first of the year.
  • For those interested in volunteering, we will follow up with you and/or connect you with a volunteer opportunity.
  • For those interested in public education or advocacy – we will be forming working groups in each of these areas and offer specific opportunities for you to be involved over the next couple of months.

If, for some reason, you didn’t get a chance to fill out the Personal Commitment form indicating your desire to stay involved, here’s a convenient link to the online form.  For those interested in donating money to help us continue our work together, there’s a link on the Smart Solutions website for your secure donations through the United Way.” Here are the PowerPoint slides from the Dec. 1 Summit:

“Community Matters” article from Mary Lou Geoke – Executive Director, United Way of Santa Cruz County SummitArticle-CommunityMatters

Sunday, December 2 Update: The Summit was a grand success! Close to 250 community members from across the county, representing a broad base of stakeholder groups, gathered to learn more about homelessness, discuss its impacts, hear about innovative solutions taking form in other communities and establishing a plan for greater community engagement and action. Speakers were informative and passionate about making real progress on reducing or ending homelessness in Santa Cruz County; participants were engaged, and went away feeling empowered with more knowledge and understanding, and inspired to get more actively involved. Over 220 people attended the Smart Solutions to Homelessness in Santa Cruz Summit, December 1, 2012 We will be posting here lots of information from the summit, so come back soon to learn more about what was shared, and what ideas and priorities participants identified. Here’s the latest press coverage, from the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Scotts Valley Patch, and Good Times. And, check out these great photo’s taken by Michael Curry. Here’s the 10-minute video prepared for the Summit, a variety of local voices reflecting on the issue of homelessness in Santa Cruz County: Friday, November 30 Update: The Summit is at capacity so at this time we are not taking new registrations. As with all events there will be some attrition so if you were of the mind to show up tomorrow without a confirmed reservation we will do our best to accommodate you after we’ve checked in those already registered.Here are a few logistical details: The event runs from 10am – 4pm. Doors open at 9:30 and we encourage you to arrive between 9:30 – 10:00 so we can sign everyone in and start promptly.

Lunch is provided and vegetarian options will be available. The Summit is being held at Cabrillo College (6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA) in the dining room of the cafeteria in Building 900, which is on the Southeast side of campus. The closest parking is Parking Lot “P” which can be accessed from the south entrance to Perimeter Road (across from The Farm Bakery & Cafe on Soquel Drive). Handicapped parking, and the closest passenger pickup and drop-off spot, is accessed from the same Perimeter Road and is Parking Lot “J”. All campus parking is FREE on Saturday but some classes are in session so please do not park in staff parking areas. We suggest you avoid using the entrance on the Northwest side because of the Farmers’ Market there. Directions to Cabrillo College and a campus map are available online. There will be Monitors & Guides at various points to provide assistance. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

 What can we do about Homelessness in Santa Cruz County?

The question itself strikes a passionate chord, with strong and divergent views in the community. There are many public and community based organizations providing programs and services to people who are homeless. Law enforcement and emergency response resources are used to address symptoms of homelessness. Neighborhoods, parks and business districts are impacted by homelessness, often in significant ways. However there is common ground – we all want less homelessness.

No single entity or program can address these issues on their own. We need a community-wide response and that means each and every one of us has a part to play.

Would you like to be part of the solution? Please join us at a community-built and countywide conference on homelessness with these objectives:

  • Create broader and more diverse community engagement on homelessness.
  • Develop better communication & coordination among those concerned about these issues.
  • Improve understanding of the realities of homelessness in Santa Cruz County
  • Share information about proven, successful models and solutions working in other communities including some that are taking shape in Santa Cruz County.
  • Develop a shared vision for change and agreed upon action steps.
  • Form an ongoing community leadership group to carry the work forward on shaping policies to address homelessness

We are seeking participation from all geographic areas of Santa Cruz County and representatives from all stakeholder groups including business, faith-based organizations, service providers, neighborhood groups and service clubs, law enforcement, elected officials, professionals, and people who are homeless or formerly homeless. Spanish language translation will be provided.

Event registration is required — please click here to find out more about registering. If you have questions please contact Phil Kramer, Project Coordinator at or (831) 334-4976.

We look forward to your participation.